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How You Hold the Handle Matters!

Written by Morgan Picoy

Hold Me!

How you hold the handle makes all the difference in dermaplaning safety and treatment results. Are you holding it correctly?

Holding your dermaplaning tool like a pencil results in several problems.

1. Notice the tip of the blade is against the skin, rather than the length of the blade.
2. The practitioners hand is “in the way” so she’s unable to provide any contouring.
3. Notice the 45 degree angle isn’t happening here. (Looks like she’s about to have a hole in her cheek).
4. Practitioner isn’t in full control of the blade.
5. This is just plain dangerous.

This photo has been featured in so many social posts and ads for dermaplaning that it’s become the norm. Hmmm…

So for all you pencil holders out there who are getting really mad at me right now…

It’s time for Science class.

You’ll need your handle, blade, Nourishe and your thigh.

1. Loan your blade onto the handle.
2. Apply a pump or two of Nourishe to your thigh.
3. Hold the handle in an over hand grip, pinching just below the blade attachment angle with your thumb and index finger.
4. Wrap your other three fingers around the handle using your little finger to hold it securely so it doesn’t wiggle while you dermaplane.
5. Brace a 1 1/2” section on your thigh.
6. Start gliding at your thumb at a 45 degree angle toward your index finger and move back and forth on the skin.

What do you see? How does it feel? Different? That’s ok. Keep practicing and call us if you need help.


Happy Dermaplaning!

DermaplanePro Canada ( Originally posted by Rikki Kusy, CEO, DermaplanePro, Inc.)
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