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About Us


DermaplanePro is the leader in dermaplaning certification classes, tools, supplies and support in Canada and around the world. Students who receive their Certification in Dermaplaning from DermaplanePro are further advanced in knowledge and technique as they complete a two-tiered course that focuses a full day on hands-on experience.

DermaplanePro Canada is a leader in dermaplaning certification classes, tools, supplies, and support in Canada. Learn Dermaplaning in-class with us or at home! Receive in-person guidance or one-on-one video training from our Canadian DermaplanePro Educators. As Experts in the field and always researching, we ensure students are receiving the highest quality education, tools, skincare products & supplies available.

DermaplanePro Canada supports all skin care lines and back bars while offering the finest surgical-grade blades and medical-grade products. As leaders in the field and always researching, DermaplanePro assures clients that they are receiving the highest quality education, tools, skincare products and supplies available.


We are the leading company in dermaplaning in Canada and we are pioneers in bringing dermaplaning into new markets all over the world. We continually improve our certification course, tools and supplies and provide the best learning experiences that lead to the highest level of safety and success for our clients.  We source and/or create the highest quality medical grade tools, supplies and products available for the skincare industry and dermaplaning.

Our Team

Our multifaceted educators bring a lot of value to the student experience during the Certification Course and beyond. All of our trainers are licensed estheticians and DermaplanePro Certified Trainers. At Wrapture Beauty Academy, our Trainers have over 34 years of experience in the beauty industry and also teach other specialties such as lashes, nano brows, micro-needling, and body contouring, and represent professional skincare lines.


Melanie is the lead educator for DermaplanePro Canada. With 34 years in the beauty industry, her students continue to receive the most experienced and cutting-edge education. “I enjoy sharing my vast knowledge with students and providing them with the best ongoing support beyond simply their beauty training.”


Amy is a brow and skincare course educator at Wrapture Beauty Academy in Winnipeg! She has been in the beauty industry for the past 10 years as a medical esthetician. “Because brows and skincare have always been a passion of mine,  it’s a pleasure to share my knowledge with my students!”


Suji is our in-class trainer for Dermaplaning in Vancouver! ⁠Suji is the owner and lead artist at Ink + Hair where training in Vancouver takes place. ⁠

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Malika is our in-class trainer in Calgary, Alberta! Courses with Malika will take place at Amavi Wellness.

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Ashley is our in-class trainer in Moncton, New Brunswick! Courses with Malika will take place at Luxe Beauty & Wellness Co.

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Nijana is our in-class trainer in Toronto, Ontario! Courses with Nijana will take place at iBody Clinic.

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