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Tips on Technique – Part 3

Written by Morgan Picoy

“How Many Passes Do You Make?”
When you’re dermaplaning your clients, how many times do you pass the blade over the same space?

a. 2
b. Once the hair is gone, I move to the next area
c. I feather the blade over a larger area until the hair is gone
d. 6-8 depending upon skin thickness, sensitivity and what I see coming off after the hair is removed.

Gliding your blade back and forth over the same section 2-3 times will remove most of the vellus hair.

If you want to exfoliate the top layers of the stratum corneum you’ll need 6-8 passes. Six for thinner, more sensitive skin; seven – eight for normal skin; and nine – ten for thick, resilient skin and helping minimize buildup of scar tissue from acne lesions.

Sensitive areas such as the outer corners and under eye area are limited to 3-4 passes.

“Won’t that many passes irritate the skin?”
Let’s find out.

“Science class again?”

On your thigh dermaplane a section 2-3 passes and see what comes off (mostly vellus hair and some skin cells). Now go back to the same section and dermaplane 5-6 more passes. Now you’re seeing the exfoliated skin cells. If the skin is feeling irritated, you’re probably using too much pressure, your angle is not at 45 degrees or your blading too fast. If you’re dermaplaning dry skin that will also cause irritation, blade skipping, PIH, PIB, etc.

Add 1 pump of Nourishe Dermaplaning Oil and try it again. Big difference! No irritation and your get the equivalent exfoliation.

Happy Dermaplaning!
DermaplanePro Canada ( Originally posted by Rikki Kusy, CEO, DermaplanePro, Inc.)
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