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Not All Blades Were Created Equal

What is the best blade for Dermaplaning?

 As dermaplaning is becoming one of the most popular exfoliation services worldwide, so is the proliferation of replica scalpels advertised as dermaplaning blades. The truth, however, is that this often leads to disappointment and sub-par services by estheticians who had high hopes for offering this exfoliation treatment. As an esthetician or skin care professional, you have dedicated time and resources to become certified in dermaplaning. How can you ensure you are offering the high-quality version of this service?

Know what to look for!

There is more than one type of blade used for dermaplaning. However, the majority of blades being marketed for this service were not specifically designed with dermaplaning in mind. For example, regular #10 blades were not made for dermaplaning. You’ll notice that they are difficult for working in angular or small areas of the face, such as around the nose, and have a pointed tip. This blade is also part carbon steel and part stainless steel which makes it more rigid, which is good for cutting rather than dermaplaning. The #10 and #14 were often used for dermaplaning training in the past and some estheticians still use them. However, they have also been known to cause injuries.

Blades Made for Dermaplaning

Then specially-made dermaplaning blades we created! The 10S was the first blade designed for dermaplaning with a rounded “butter knife” shape and a straight blade. These two features are important for dermaplaning, however, one problem persisted. As you’ve probably experienced, more than one 10S blade is necessary per treatment. To keep a sharp, responsive edge, blades have to be switched out mid-service. 

Then DermaplanePro Created the 10D

The answer to all these issues is the 10D butter knife blade. This updated version of the 10S has been engineered for greater efficiency and a smoother glide on the skin. It is coated with a polymer coating to prolong the sharpness of the blade. As a result, estheticians no longer need to switch to a new blade while they are performing a dermaplaning service. Only one 10D blade is necessary to complete an entire dermaplaning treatment. 

The Dermaplaning Blade That Stands Out

The 10D is the ideal shape for safety, comfort, control and maneuverability with its dermaplaning-specific custom honing for a smooth, stay-sharp edge. It provides product consistency, reliability and quality control. The 10D usually becomes the blade of choice for estheticians who try them. 

The custom 10D design is exclusive to DermaplanePro and is setting the standard worldwide for quality, one-blade dermaplaning. DermaplanePro also distributes the popular 10R blade which is longer than the 10D. The 10R blade that is carried by DermaplanePro also provides consistent one-blade quality per client and works particularly well on larger surfaces. 

What Dermaplaning blades do estheticians prefer?

We interviewed Melanie at Total Wrapture Medi Spa in Winnipeg. Mel has been an esthetician for over 34 years and is also one of the most experienced beauty educators in Canada. She recalls the early days of dermaplaning. “Back then, only #10 blades existed with their pointed tip that was just asking for trouble.” She remembers how dull blades would become before DermaplanePro began making patented blades, “Sometimes I would have to change the blade three times!”. 

Today, Mel prefers the 10D. “Some estheticians still prefer the 10R, especially if it’s the DermaplanePro one, because that’s what they learned to use in training.” She points to the upward curve of the 10D’s blade, “But see there on the 10D where it’s rounder? That gives you better grip on skin, especially around the brows and lips.” 

What about the surface of the skin? 

“Don’t forget the importance of the oil you are using,” Mel reminds us. “Dry dermaplaning is a poor service, but most oils leave a film. You end up dermaplaning the oil instead of dead skin cells!” Her oil of choice is Nourishe Dermaplaning Oil. “Your blade just glides easily and it takes way less time to properly dermaplane.” It also allows for the dermaplaning of sensitive, dehydrated skin or skin with advanced stage wrinkles and laxity. 

There Is No Substitute for Quality Dermaplaning Blades

Nothing is more important than the satisfaction you and your client get for a service well-performed. In the busy world of beauty services, time is valuable. If you are performing the service with a blade that is gradually becoming duller, you will start to skip over some parts that will eventually need to be redone. Next, you’ll have to stop for proper blade disposal and replacement. The difference that even an extra 15 minutes makes is not negligible when you have consecutive appointments.

 It is not too luxurious to provide an even smoother service with quality blades, and this higher standard will give you more than just greater satisfaction in your work. The improved perception of your skills as an esthetician and the difference at your beauty business truly lies in the quality of the better experience you provide.

DermaplanePro is now in Canada!

DermaplanePro Canada ships Canada-wide and provides excellent customer service. Not only do they provide quality dermaplaning supplies, but they also teach the DermaplanePro course! As this method of exfoliation is quickly rising in the top-ten most requested spa services worldwide, so is the demand for quality training. DermaplanePro Canada now offers corporate rates for spas and beauty schools. Stock up on dermaplaning supplies today, or inquire about upgrading your service menu or curriculum with the world leaders in dermaplaning! 

DermaplanePro Canada
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